Masculine Bedrooms

What better place to start my first design post than in the bedroom?  Right??  I've been really drawn to masculine bedrooms lately. I think it has something to do with the reflective objects and hardware that shines just right against the dark walls and furniture.

I have to start with Tommy Smythe's own master bedroom.  If you don't know him he is designer Sarah Richardson's right hand man on HGTV.  He has the best personality and if you aren't following him on Instagram (tommysmythe) you are missing out on THE BEST hashtags I've ever read. 

That chest is beautiful and styled to perfection.

That chest is beautiful and styled to perfection.

The paneling is a perfect backdrop for the attention grabbing brass lamp which ties in perfectly with the brass details on the bed.  Industrial meets traditional

A more modern take on the masculine bedroom

A more modern take on the masculine bedroom

You achieve instant character when you expose antique bricks verses drywalling over them.  By having a low bed the artwork is able to take center stage and almost acts like a headboard.  And don't even get me started on that amazing trunk that's trying to take as much attention away from the brick wall as possible. 

via  Domino

via Domino

I love this space.  This bedroom was done for a 15 year old boy and I think any teenage boy would love this.  I mean, he probably wouldn't say it because he's too cool for it, but you might get a sly smile out of him.  I can't decide what is better, the live edge headboard, the poster, or that leather chair.  It can be hard to pull off black walls and trim without it feeling like a dark cave, but by adding white drapery panels and white bedding it instantly brightens and gives life to the room.

It is possible to have a feminine masculine bedroom, talk about an oxymoron.  By adding antique mirrors, gourd lamps that are curvy and organic, and fresh flowers it will be clear that it's not just a man's lair.  

Thanks so much for reading!!

          Tucker  xo