Jayson Home and Garden

When I lived in Chicago I had my FAVORITE shop to visit.  I'm sure they hated that I visited so often and didn't buy anything, but I was living on a tight, just graduated from college budget, living in the city.  But the moment you walk in Jayson Home and Garden it feels like you have been transported to another place.  You are no longer in the hustle and bustle of the city, but in someone's home.  A home that you want to steal everything and take to  your house so your place can be just as stylish.  

What I love about Jayson Home is that it not only carries new custom pieces, but antique, flea market finds.  But I'm not talking just your run of the mill grandma antiques.  I'm talking European, eclectic, curated antiques.  I feel what so many homes today are lacking, is the character of older, timeless finds with the newer items of today.  By including carefully selected accessories or furniture with history, your new items help you have a collected, fresh, unique home like no other friend or neighbor.  

The building has these great old floors and such high, high ceilings.  

As much as I wish everyone could experience Jayson Home for themselves, I know it's not possible.  Hell, I wish I could go back.  So I've collected my most favorite items that they currently have here.  Right now they have a HUGE sale going on!!  A lot of the pieces I have included today are in the sale, so don't miss out!!  I definitely have my eye on a few of the accessories and light fixtures.








You can't call me a stalker if I actually have something from the store can you?  I must have eyed a vintage director's chair upholstered with cow hide for the longest time. But not just your run of the mill cow hide, but a cream and brown small print ON houndstooth.  We moved away and I still thought about that chair.  So my birthday rolls around and all I asked my parents for was that chair.  It was the best birthday present ever!  Ok, and I also might have an identical antique brass floor lamp and the Milo teak end table.  

Thanks for reading!!