Designer Spotlight: Greg Natale

I am starting a new blog series called Designer Spotlight.  Could you tell? ;)

I could think of no better designer to start this series than Greg Natale.  I have loved his work for awhile now and on the off chance you don't know of his work I'm so happy to share it with you.  I have featured one of his wallpapers before on the blog so you might be familiar with him.  

Greg lives in Australia and is one of the top designers there if not the best.  He talks about on his website that for as long as he can remember he has had a passion for interior design.  You know how you sat in your high school or college guidance counselor's office and they asked you what you were passionate about.  You answered and hopefully that's what you decided to do with your life.  Because as you know, if you do something that you're passionate about it doesn't feel like work.  And if it doesn't feel like work, your best work comes from you.  It's a good thing Greg followed his heart because he a remarkable designer who has produced quite a lot of sophisticated, glamorous, retro spaces.  

I would say one of the more difficult things to learn as a designer is exactly how much you can add to a space and when to edit a space.  There's a fine line with too much pattern, but Greg is able to layer it on without it looking like a "crazy" house.  He clearly loves geometrics, black and white, and can design a closet I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous of.  His spaces are sexy and masculine yet can also pull off a feminine, regency feeling space.  And I believe he also has a love affair with chandeliers.  I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out with yet another collaboration and designs some over sized, over the top lighting in the near future. 

I've featured just a few of his residential projects below.  As you will see he is a man of many talents.  

Melbourne House

Brisbane House

Croydon House

Brisbane Guest House


Fitzroy Apartment (aka 495 sq. ft apartment)

Mr. Natale is not only designing spaces but the items you put in your space.  He has several collaborations that clearly have his mark on them.  

Marmo Tiles


Hudson Furniture

One Duck Two

Wallpapers I with Porter's Paints

Wallpapers II with Porter's Paints

Carpets with Designer Rugs


Chest by Stylecraft

New Modern Rugs


Parimento Cement Tiles

Greg Natale for Worlds Away


New Regency Rugs

If you don't already own his book you need to pick one up today!

Also a big congratulations to Mr. Natale for receiving the International Luxury Designer of the Year at High Point Market for 2016 just three days ago!!

Thanks so much for reading!