Super Bowl 50

As I sit here all I hear are fireworks going off in the distance.  There are a lot of happy Bronco fans here in Denver tonight.  Now me, I know absolutely NOTHING about sports.  In fact tonight I learned that both teams don't have their quarterback out on the field at the same time.  Who knew?!!  So I just watch, and by "watch" I mean, doing laundry, breaking up fights between a 2 year old and 4 year old, making dinner, etc and when I can, I catch a commercial. But I never miss a half time show.  As a music lover I can't wait to see the performance each year.  

I personally loved the half time show.  Knowing that Coldplay was the main artist you knew they weren't going to do some big dance show, but I still think they did a fantastic job.  The thing with Coldplay is they are an emotional band.  Their music is mediative, it's great music when you're wanting to "feel".  I think that's why I especially loved at the very end when the fans spelled out "Believe In Love".  The world needs more love nowadays.  There's just TOO much violence and pain.  

Of course Beyonce killed it, she's a performer.  You knew you wouldn't be disappointed if she was also in the line up for the half time show.  But when she and Bruno Mars "battled it out".  Come on!!!  Pure magic!!!  I loved the subtle nod to Michael Jackson with Beyonce's outfit.  But what I truly loved was at the end when they showed past half time performances.  One of my personal favorite half time shows was when Prince sang "Purple Rain" in the downpour of 2007 and of course The Rolling Stones in 2006.  

In case you missed the show, or you're like me and want to watch it again. 

Below are some of my favorite commercials.  My favorite was by far one of Jeep's commercials.  It goes to show that you don't need glitz, glamour, lights, or even color.  Simple black and white photos tell a story.  

Now taking it in a completely different direction is the Toyota Prius commercial.  You know you've got a good commercial when a Prius looks "cool".

And while we're talking cars, I have to add this Hyundai commercial.  Now I have boys, but I have a feeling this is exactly how my dad was feeling back in my teenage years.  

Ok, I really really loved this commercial!!  I'm sure it had something to do with a rendition of a Seal song, or maybe it's just kids singing always gets me.

You know Doritos will always have a good commercial but being a woman I especially loved / hated this one.

And before all the commercials, touch downs, flags for disorderly conduct (is that what its called), and music, there was the introduction to the Super Bowl with a lot of familiar faces.  Highlight of course is seeing Betty White dap.  Wait, or is it dab?  I seriously have no idea.

What was your favorite part of the game or commercial?  

Thanks for reading!