Artist Spotlight: Thrush Holmes

I recently learned of Thrush Holmes from Domino magazine.  I instantly have become a big fan of his work.  In many of his works he uses traditional motifs, like flowers, but in a hip, contemporary way.  But what really sets Thrush's work apart is his use of neon incorporated in his paintings.  Within minutes of finishing his painting he is setting the neon.  He feels like if he waits to put the neon on "some of the romance of the act is lost.  It can't be an afterthought."  

I'm sure the paintings with neon just come alive at dawn and dusk when you can see the painting and neon in unity.  Could you imagine a traditional space with this fun, funky art?  I truly love a mix of traditional antiques with touches of contemporary.  Take note of the titles of his work too.  Some of them make me really laugh.  Now, I'm off to crack the boys' piggy banks.  

Installation View at  Mike Weiss Gallery

Installation View at Mike Weiss Gallery

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