Laundry Room Motivation

I loathe doing laundry, every damn step of it.  Well, except the part when I look in the laundry baskets and see NO clothes.  But as you know that lasts until probably the end of the day.  Then it starts ALL OVER AGAIN!!  Everybody is different but I wait till the clothes are piled so high up they're about to fall, or Brad says, "I need pants."  I knew it was finally time to hit the laundry room when Asher says to me this weekend, "Mommy our laundry basket is waaaaay full."  It's pretty bad when your 4 year old notices.  

I figure the only way to somewhat enjoy doing laundry is to have a pretty space to work in.  It can get so mundane sorting, working on spots, looking for missing socks.  So I've collected a few of my favorite laundry room in hopes it will motivate you to update your little "sanctuary".

The following laundry room is the mother of all laundry rooms.  It has two washers and two dryers, grasscloth wallpaper, carrara marble, and a television!  Now this is a sanctuary!  I actually wouldn't mind doing laundry if there was a TV in the room.  Could you imagine?!

via  zillow

via zillow

Ok, so that's probably not possible for most people, however I do think that wallpaper in the laundry room is a great idea.  Wallpaper gives such a punch to a room and most laundry rooms aren't huge so you don't need a lot of it.

Designed by Little Rock Design firm  Bear Hill Interiors  via  arkansas life

Designed by Little Rock Design firm Bear Hill Interiors via arkansas life

hello glossy black doors and stainless appliances!  design by  m wright design

hello glossy black doors and stainless appliances!  design by m wright design

via  decorpad

As much as I do love a wallpapered space, it's so difficult to beat a clean, crisp, white room, especially when you're fighting grass stains on the knees of your son's pants. 

The next two photos have everything I believe a laundry room needs, storage, a stink and hanging rack.  It seems all too often I see these great laundry rooms with no hanging space.  Do people not hang wet clothes to dry anymore?!

via  Decor pad

Beadboard is such a classic it seems like the perfect material in a traditional laundry room.  



I think the next two photos are special in their own design style way, however there is absolutely NO way I would put wood countertops in a laundry room.  There's just too many chemicals used when cleaning clothes.  You see before we moved to Denver our house in Peoria was under contract and just pending inspection.  I needed to soak a shirt that had watermelon on it, aka, all over it.  So I soaked the garment in a bucket in the kitchen sink, right next to my butcher block countertops.  Well low and behold, I apparently spilled quite a bit of Oxy and water on the countertop and let it sit OVERNIGHT!!  So I come downstairs the next morning and I have a HUGE bleach mark on the countertops.  I freak out because the inspection is in a few days and the husband was out of town, although that probably was a good thing.  So instead of calling Brad and freaking out to him, I call one of my best friends husbands who is an expert woodworker and freak out to him.  He's talking potential hand sanding to take out the bleach and I have no faith in myself to do that.  So long story short, (I know Mother it was still long), I just scrub it continuously with water for the next 24 hours and end up putting the most beautiful dish towel styled to perfection on the spot.

via  sarah sherman samuel  featuring  ellie cashman wallpaper , Also featured on my blog post  Floral Drama

via sarah sherman samuel featuring ellie cashman wallpaper, Also featured on my blog post Floral Drama

Who doesn't love a graphic black and white space?

Thanks so much for reading!  Off to fold laundry.